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There are now 1439 players in TeamBalut.   A total of 910 matches have been played.   There are 28 Sponsors who have contributed to the success of TeamBalut.  
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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Q. How do you play Balut?
  • Q. Why is it called Balut?
  • Q. Why are there two versions of Balut?
  • Q. What is the maximum score in Balut?
  • Q. Can anyone play Balut?
  • Q. Do you have a history of the Game?
  • Q. When is the Interport held?
  • Q. Who has won the Interport Competition?
  • Q. Can I play in the Interport?
  • Q. Why does the website show players names like 'Bowling Ball' and 'The Squire'?
  • Q. What is Bar Balut?
  • Q. Where can I buy a Balut set and where can I get a Scoring Sheet?
  • Q. What are the rules of Balut?
  • Q. What happens if I score 160 or more?
  • Q. What happens if I score 40 or less?
  • Q. Where can I play Balut in my town?