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British Club Bangkok's Balut Cup 2012

Balut Cups Night 2012

Our annual Cups tournament took place on Saturday 10th March in the Suriwongse Room. It was disappointing that this year the Singaporean baluteers had already confirmed attendance at another tournament in Malaysia so were unable to join us for our annual Cups Night. However, there was still an impressive turnout, despite a small band of intrepid suburbanites taking the wrong turnoff on the way and ending up mid Bangkok Saturday rush-hour! We were happy to welcome a total of 30 players, comprised of 17 BCB Section Members playing for the Balut Cup, 4 youngsters playing for the Juniors Cup, and 9 Guests playing for the All Comers Cup.

The buffet spread was laid out at 6pm and everyone tucked in with a hearty gusto, as this year the snacks had been overhauled to include oysters, and scrumptious they were too! The balcony nearby was witness to joviality and pre-game strategies, until the attendants were all present and the evening was kicked off with a welcome from the Section Chairman, TC (Phil Alexander), followed by details of play and most notably the spot prizes clearly outlined by Bowling Ball (Bob Van Es), the BCB Section Secretary. And then the throwing commenced.

Six games were played in all, with very erratic scoring and some significant lows offsetting reasonable highs but not as high as everyone had hoped. The first two spot prizes were taken quickly and efficiently by Shanghai (Paul Williams), the others to regular players and one to Mutton (John Boisclair) after a long absence at the Balut tables.

It was all over too soon, though with the scorer DQ's usual panache the final scores were withheld from the screen until the results could be announced and the prizes awarded as follows:

BALUT CUP Bob Van Es 634
JUNIOR CUP Andy Williams 565
ALL COMERS CUP Kristian Bonnichsen 638

Photographs of all events are available from the Photos menu item at the top of the page, or click this link here to go directly to photos for the Balut Cup 2012.

The Full Scores of the event are available here

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