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The Benedict Chivas Conviviality Cup - Saturday 14th April 2018

The Benedict Chivas Conviviality Cup was this year hosted at The Singapore Indian Association on Saturday 14th April 2018, 72 Players took part.

Apart from The Singapore Indian Association, there were Players representing several of the other Clubs in Singapore - The Eurasian Association, The National University of Singapore Society, The Singapore Cricket Club, The Singapore Recreation Club and The Tanglin Club

This year all 72 Players took part as 1 Team, comprising 36 Pairs.

A total of 6 Rounds were played - highest score 689 and lowest 480!

Check out the Results here:

Note: As this was being played as 1 Team, the 'Team' scores are not relevant, so really this is all about Individual scores and Pairs scores.

Individual Scores: 5 Reports - Top 10 Players, Lowest, Highest Scores

PAIR Scores: 4 Reports - Highest and Lowest, Individual and All Games

All Players, All Games: 1 Reports - All Players, All Games

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