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40th Chivas Regal Interport Balut Competition
Held on the 26th Nov. 2022 at the British Club Bangkok, with a total of 84 Players representing 10 Clubs from around the region, an incredible time was had by all, with a spendiferous range of food & drink and scores as high as 154 in 1 round... 25-Aug-2022
BCB 2021 BALUT CUP - Omicron edition
BCB 2021 BALUT CUP - Omicron edition, once again the British Club's professional Baluteers get together for their annual Balut Cup challenge 18-Dec-2021
BCB The Covid-19-free TeamBalut Bubble.
Playing our regular Wednesday evening Match in our special Covid-19 Balut Bubble 16-Sep-2020
Statistics for all Players now available
An easy to use one page display of all Players who have played more than 20 Rounds. # of Matches, Teams, Rounds, Max, Min and Average Scores. 25-Aug-2020
After months of lockdown and finally getting our regular Wednesday evening Balut matches back into gear, we've finally had a tournament, hopefully first of many! 01-Jul-2020
The Benedict Chivas Conviviality Cup II
Hosted by Pernod Ricard and Vincent Rasa Benedict, at NUSS Guildhouse @ Suntec City 06-Apr-2019
Bar Balut starts again at the British Club
Great to see that Bar Balut has started again at the British Club, every Wednesday evening in the Churchill Bar. Come and join us! 05-Sep-2018
The Benedict Chivas Conviviality Cup - Saturday 14th April 2018
The Singapore Indian Association hosted this year's Benedict Chivas Conviviality Cup, 72 Players took part. This year all Players took part as one Team, comprising 36 Pairs. 6 Rounds were played - highest score 689 and lowest 480! ... 14-Apr-2018
The Tenth Anniversary BALUT Challenge
The British Club Bangkok bounced back into the this year fray after accepting a challenge from the Singapore Cricket Club on Saturday July 22nd 2017... 13-May-2017
British Club Bangkok - Balut Shield 2014/15
The British Club Bangkok kicks off the next years Balut Shield 2014/15 14-Oct-2014
Chivas Regal 33rd STC Interport Balut Competition
The Chivas Regal 33rd STC Interport Balut Competition was held on Saturday 30th November, at the British Club Bangkok. Friday 29th Drinks Reception, Saturday 30th lunch and competition... 11-Nov-2013
29th Inter-Club Balut Competition 2013
The Final Round, of a total of 5 Matches, was held at the Singapore Cricket Club, on Wed 16-Oct-2013 17-Oct-2013
BCB Annual Balut Cup - Sat 16-Feb-2013
British Club Balut Section hosted the Annual Balut Cup, including the Balut Allcomers Cup and the Balut Juniors Cup. 16-Feb-2013
32nd Interport Balut Competition 2012
The 32nd Interport Balut Competition 2012 will be held this coming weekend, Saturday 24th November, at the Kinabalu Yacht Club 18-Nov-2012
28th Inter-Club Balut Tournament 2012
Singapore Cricket Club, Singapore Recreation Club, National University of Singapore Society, The Tanglin Club and Singapore Indian Association playing in this year's 5 Match tournament. 29-Aug-2012
British Club Bangkok's Balut Cup 2012
The British Club Bangkok celebrated the auspicious 5th Anniversary of this event. 01-Mar-2012
31st Chivas Regal Interport Balut Championship
100 Players in 25 Teams took part in this year's 31st Chivas Regal Interport Balut Championship held at the Singapore Indian Association on Saturday 19th November 2011. 15-Nov-2011
Singapore Indian Association are the 30th Interport Champions!
30th STC Interport Balut Competition was won by the Singapore Indian Association. Well done! Their top scores are setting new standards in the world of Balut! 19-Nov-2010
Yes the 30th STC Interport Balut Competition is close BUT IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO BOOK! The withdrawal of two teams has left us with room to spare! 08-Nov-2010
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