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Balut is a game of five dice played by two or more players, the optimum being five. Each player plays the dice numbered one to six using a leather cup by shaking it and upturning it on a mat or other flat surface.


To score as many points as possible at the end of the game, the maximum score possible being 183 under these rules.


  1. Each player shall have up to three throws in each round, and may put out any number of dice after either of the first two throws, or put back in the cup before the next throw any or all, the objective being to secure the best possible combination of the dice for scoring the most points.
  2. The dice to be counted shall be perfectly flat on the surface they are thrown on to. If any dice in a throw is 'cocked', that throw must be retaken.
  3. A dice is 'cocked' if it rolls off the surface or is tilted to one side (whether the tilt is due to its resting against another die/dice or another object) or atop another die/dice when the cup is lifted after a throw.
  4. A player shall not be permitted to take out any dice that s/he has her/himself put in the cup. This is so whether or not s/he has her/himself put the dice in the cup by mistake or otherwise. No player shall touch another player's dice during play.
  5. A scorer is chosen amongst the players before the beginning of play. Scores are kept by the same player throughout the game.
  6. A score must be recorded for each player on completion of his throw. A round is complete when all players have thrown and their individual scores have been recorded.
  7. The player with the highest score in the previous round starts a new round.
  8. A player shall be entitled to know and the scorer shall tell him before he begins his throw what scores are open to him. The scorer must announce the sub-totals before beginning the final round.
  9. On completion of a player's turn, the score is given by that player to the scorer, who shall have the opportunity to verify it before the dice are moved.
  10. A score shall not be altered after it has been recorded, unless it has been entered wrongly or the scorer has made a mistake therein.
  11. A rolling die coming to rest after hitting an object shall score 'as it lies', except where it hits and changes the face value of any die/dice the player has previously taken out of the cup. In such event, the original face value of the die/dice that has been hit stands and the throw is deemed to have not been thrown and must be retaken.
  12. In the event of a dispute on any matter, the decision of the official scorer shall be final and binding.
  13. Over scores over 159 or under 41 in any game played with these rules and involving at least three players, together with the relevant score sheets duly signed, dated and authenticated by all players, shall be brought to the attention of the Section Secretary, who shall cause them to be recorded in a register to be kept in the Club for that purpose and the highest score achieved to date displayed in the Bar.
  14. A 'straight' and 'full house' score as the face value of the dice. A 'low Straight' is a sequence of 1 to 5 (15 points) and a 'high straight' from 2 to 6 (20 points). A 'full house' is three of any kind and a pair, the maximum score being 28 points. A 'Balut' is five of any one kind and always scores 30 points. Dice with the value of '1', '2' and '3' do not score except to complete a 'straight' or a 'full house' or in 'choice' or 'Balut'.

From the Singapore Town Club rules dated 30th Day of October 1978.



  1. Bar Balut shall always be played on mats to lessen the disturbance to other bar users.
  2. Any die/dice that leaves the mat shall be deemed 'cocked'.
  3. The player who comes last in any game shall offer a round of drinks to all other players unless the game is deemed 'friendly' by all players (i.e. not for drinks) at the start of the game.
  4. Any player who throws a 'Balut' 'straight out of the cup', whether on the first, second or third throw shall offer a round of drinks for all players.
  5. Any player who throws three consecutive 'cocks' shall offer a round of drinks to all other players.

Adopted at the Inaugural AGM of the British Club Balut section held on Monday 27th August 2007.

Paul Cheesman - 14.08.2007